Release & Refine: How to Clear Your Schedule, Find Your Priorities, & Create Time for Your Best Life

A 4-part self-study program

Get ready to relax, find your priorities, and create time out of thin air! In Release & Refine, Lynn Daue shares her personal cocktail of techniques and methods for balancing a busy life, curated from psychology, success theory, and time management. Bundled with the wildly popular Clear Your Calendar Like Marie Kondo, audio lessons, and a fresh copy of the Personal Core Values Discovery workbook, Release & Refine teaches you everything you need to know so that you can clear your schedule, find your priorities, and create time for YOUR best life. Learn more »

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Release & Refine helped me realize that I was focusing my energy on everyone else—and I was exhausted! This program gave me permission to stop and give myself time to recharge.
— A.T., New York

Lucky Pitch: The Publishing Guide for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Grow Their Audience (and Their Income!)

Hundreds of readers can't be wrong! Lucky Pitch, the international best-selling guide to growing your audience with guest contributions, is back and better than ever! With updated content and new resources, Lucky Pitch will help you show up like a pro so that you can start increasing your authority (and income potential) today. Learn more »

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Lynn writes a straight-forward, easy to follow and understand guide. The instructions will help you show up like a pro and ingratiate yourself to editors so you can start getting published. Perfect for newbies ... Lots of great, helpful hints and the standard practices you need to know about.
— Amira Alvarez, Business Coach

How to Be a Hero: From A to Z

For children ages 2-5

How to Be a Hero: From A to Z teaches children ages 2-5 the qualities of true heroes. Written in honor of U.S. Air Force Capt. Reid K. Nishizuka and featuring original artwork by John O'Neill, How to Be a Hero encourages children to be heroes every day.

Proceeds from How to Be a Hero help support the Reid Nishizuka Mentorship Award at the University of Notre Dame. Learn more »

If you are looking for a book to encourage right action at a young age, this is a good piece to read.
— Jennifer Radmall

The Personal Core Values Discovery Workbook

A free download + video lesson

Your Personal Core Values are at the heart of everything you do. They're the underlying force driving your friendships, your goals, your dreams, your career ... even how you spend money, where you vacation, and what you wear.

If you know what your Personal Core Values are, you can harness their power and make intentional, informed decisions to live a full-spectrum, joyful, totally aligned life. Learn more »