Thank you, thank you, thank you ...

You're invited! Join me in my year-long quest to write (at least) one thank-you note a week for a year. Introducing: Thank You 52.

Thank You 52 is a year-long quest to write (at least) one thank-you note a week for one year. Not a thank-you email, or a thank-you phone call, or a thank-you text—a real, handwritten-on-stationery, sent-through-the-mail thank-you note.

I was raised to write thank-you notes as a way of expressing my gratitude, and over the years, I've fallen out of practice. Blame technology, blame raising and homeschooling a couple of amazing kids, blame owning and running a few small businesses. Whatever the excuse, it doesn't matter—because there isn't one. I believe that polite ladies (and gentlemen!) send a proper thank-you note when they've received a gift, and I just. wasn't. doing it.

After so many years of not writing thank-you notes, the perfect storm of deep-diving into Emily Post, developing a gratitude practice, and good ol' Catholic guilt brewed, and I realized that I needed to start doing it again. And I needed some accountability.

So here it is, my accountability, in the form of the follow-and-play-along Thank You 52. Care to join me?

I'm Lynn Daue.

I've been blogging since 2003, when I moved to Russia and wanted a way to keep my family updated on my adventures. I've blogged about a variety of topics over the years, from my life as a young military officer to my consulting activities and services and nearly everything in between.

No matter many times I change topics, change platforms, and start over from scratch, I always come back to the same things: personal values, lifestyle, and the benefits of focusing your attention on one major quest.

So that's where I am right now: focusing my attention on writing one thank-you note a week for a year. And I'd love for you to join me.

Lynn Daue


Hi, I'm Lynn, and I firmly believe in living ON PURPOSE. Because truth moment? We always act in accordance to what we really want (whether we know it or not), so why not get aware and start choosing our own adventures?