What makes you tick?

Your Personal Core Values are at the heart of everything you do. They're the underlying force driving your friendships, your goals, your dreams, your career ... even how you spend money, where you vacation, and what you wear.

And it doesn't matter of you know what they are or not; they still affect everything in your life.

If you know what your Personal Core Values are, you can harness their power and make intention, informed decisions to help live a full-spectrum, joyful, totally aligned life.

If you don't? Confusion, angst, and uncertainty reign supreme.

Let's not do that. Start by downloading the Personal Core Values Discovery workbook, then hit play on the video below and follow along.

How to Discover Your Personal Core Values


Personal Core Values Wallet Cards (Printable)

{Click to view the full-sized printable Wallet Cards. Right-click over the image to download and print. Choose between color or black & white.}