Why Networking is a Game Changer

The Internet is a wonderful place. You can interact and communicate with people from all over the world.

Ideas spread like wildfire.

Business happens and passes at the speed of light.

But nothing trumps personal interaction.

Live events rock and are worth the money

I went to World Domination Summit 2013 this year, and I was utterly blown away by the ideas, projects, energy, and people. I met so many wonderful people who were working on pet projects, businesses, or charities that made me sit up and say, "Wow."

Just wow.

I pulled some of my favorite quotes from the weekend to share with you the amazing lineup and wisdom that I had the privilege of experiencing.

Get Inspired

"Look for inspiration in unusual places." - Bob Moore

"Fear is a manipulative emotion to trick us into living a boring life." - Donald Miller

"If you have just one reader and your blog changes their life, your blog is enough." - Darren Rowse

"It's no longer if you're going to be published, it's how." - David Fugate

"How can we edit not these words but these lives?" - Donald Miller

"Oregon is a very progressive state in many regards. You can buy marijuana at 9. From a food cart." - Chris Guillebeau

"Don't sully your gratitude with self-worth. Don't sully it with fear." - Danielle LaPorte

How does this change the game?

Words are powerful. In print, they ring true. Vocalized, with passion and wisdom and encouragement? They resonate. They seep into your being and create great change.

Networking events also create bonds between attendees. They connect in a way that can't happen online, and you meet people that you may never have meet before. That one person you meet standing in line for lunch may be the person you needed to trigger that a-ha moment.

Personal connections matter.

This post was modified on May 29, 2015.