Unlit Candles

I have a bowl sitting on the occasional table in my Good Room. It's filled with corks from old wine bottles; the corks support three votive candle holders. Inside the holders are three candles, brand new and unlit. I bought them during a shopping "spree" over the summer, from the Yankee Candle store in a fancy shopping center in the South. I paid about two dollars each for them, justifying the purchase by the low cost of the three candles.

When I came home, I removed the old, tired candles that originated  from a bulk bag of votives and lovingly placed the new candles in the thick glass holders. I told myself that I would light the candles soon, someday, as soon as the time was right.

When is the time right for a little luxury in your life?

Every day.

Every day is special and deserves to be treated as such. Every day deserves a little love, a little softness, a little spark of something amazing. You don't have to wait for a birthday, an anniversary, a promotion to light the candles and light your world.

Enjoy life. Make today special.