The Daily Dabbles: Six Months in Review

For the uninitiated, the Daily Dabbles is the daily (excluding Sundays) email full of fun, exciting, motivating, and overall positive things to do to make your life a little better. The Dabbles started as part of the currently-defunct The Dilettante Diaries, shifted with me to my brief stint as a goals coach, followed me back as I tested life coaching, and is now part of my overarching idea of an Epicurean Good Life.

The Daily Dabbles in Review: The First Six Months

In my experience, I've learned that an after-action review is the best thing that you can do for any venture. It shows you what you did well, and where you can improve.

The Daily Dabbles is no different: it's an endeavor that will benefit from a (very public) review.

The Daily Dabbles, Q1

The first three months of the Daily Dabbles—December 1, 2014, through February 28, 2015—spanned all kinds of topics: Mind & Spirit, Health & Wellness, Relationships & Community, etc. The feeling was a little scattered; you may be asked to smile all day one day then totally close yourself off the next.

It was during this time that I learned that I can only curate so long before I start to feel like a copycat.

The Daily Dabbles were based on the curation of advice from well-known and well-loved life coaches, health coaches, psychologists, organization experts, adventurers, and more. For me, though, it began to feel like I was appropriating their intellectual property. I also gave a source, but you can only write "according to So-and-So" so many times before it feels fraudulent.

(Ironically, I love listicles curated from reddit and mood board-type articles curated from Pinterest. In some cases, I don't have the inclination to wade through the info; in other cases, I find a new writer or designer to follow!)

Most of the feedback I got for the Daily Dabbles was very, very good. Words like "motivating" and "fun" popped up the most often; these words highly influenced the next three months of the Dabbles.

The Daily Dabbles, Q2

Q2—Mar 1, 2015, to present—saw a refinement in scope. Because the "fun" and "motivating" emails seemed to land more solidly with Dabblers, I started sending more of those types of Dabbles and canceled the Dabbles like "vacuum" and "leave five minutes early." Good advice for sure, with an impact on your happiness and stress levels, but that seemed to fall outside the scope of what was resonating with the people actually reading the emails.

It was during this time that I had a lightening-bolt realization: I'm not a good long-term project kind of person.

My realization was confirmed with a fancy-schmancy skills-and-style evaluation: my particular skills lay in starting things, not finishing them. The good news is that I can stop beating myself up for flaking out on long-term projects. They're simply not my bag.

Of course, this realization also impacts the future of the Dabbles, noted next.

The Future of the Dabbles

For everyone who really enjoys the Dabbles, you're not going to like this part. (Sorry.)

Over the last two weeks, I have straight-up forgotten to send the Dabbles more times than not.

This was completely unintentional, but oh-so-telling; the fact that I barely remembered that I ran the Dabbles is a clear indication that they have run their course.

To be honest, this is good thing for everyone involved, because the most important lesson that I've learned recently is that if you are no longer engaged in what you're doing, you cannot serve others involved.

You can never be fully present, fully engaged, fully giving, and that shows. It shows in how you interact with people, and that reflects back in how they interact with you.

So, the official announcement—perhaps something that should be a TL;DR—is that effective immediately, the Daily Dabbles will no longer go out.

It's been a beautiful six months, Dabblers, and I wish you a fabulous life!