Putting the "Sure!" in "Pleasure"

week-end-pleasure For those of you that are regular readers, you might know by now that I have a teensy bit of a professional obsession with Kate Northrup. I feel like she puts a lot of heart and thought into her posts and is such a positive influence on the creative community ... I just want to absorb everything she has to say.

*ahem* Now that my fan girl moment is over, I want to point you to her post, "Sometimes we have to break our own rules." In the post, she writes:

I’m trying something new this year.

Instead of making a whole long list of goals that usually morphs into what feels like a to do list, I’m picking a word for the year.

This year my word is GRACE.

One word? Hell YES. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

My word for the year is PLEASURE.

I was introduced to this concept when I started reading Jena la Flamme's Pleasurable Weight Loss. Jena focuses on using pleasure in order to slim down, but she also heavily concentrates on why pleasure is so important to losing weight. Hanna Goss touches on these concepts on her blog, Love Your Way Slim, as well.

While I'm always on a quest "to lose three pounds" (bonus points for naming the movie - go!), I'm not necessarily after pleasure for the weight loss benefits; I just want my life to be more enjoyable.

The last several years have been extraordinarily stressful in our house: we moved, added children, had some shaky job situations, real estate issues, etc., etc., etc. Now that we have some of the major pieces of our life figured out and handled, it's a relief to kick back a little and enjoy what we've built.

And that's the point: we are meant to enjoy life. We are not meant to workworkworkworkworkworkworkworkDIE. We are meant to seek pleasure and fulfill our purposes with the time that we have on this planet.

How are you putting the pizazz in your life?