My Top 5 Passions

A few days ago, I ran across a post on Heal Love Be called "How to Figure Out What You Are Passionate About." In the entry, Jamie summarizes a method of discovering her passions found in The Passion Test. There are essentially three steps:

  1. Write down the things that excite you. This is anything and everything, big or small, that gets your juices going. I recommend reading Geoffrey Webb's "8 Questions to Help You Find Your Passion." Write them as if they have already happened.
  2. Compare the items on your list. Start with the first two items and decide which one is more important to you. Take the more important item and compare it to the next entry. Repeat until you have exhausted your list--this gives you the #1 most important value in your life. Repeat until you have determined list items 2-5.
  3. Try to center your life around your top 5 passions. The more you try, the more your life will naturally shift until you achieve these goals.

I took a few minutes--more like an hour, but only a few minutes of active, thoughtful discernment--to complete this exercise, and here are my top five passions (written as if they already exist):

  1. I have a loving, fulfilling marriage. To me, this means having meaningful conversation with my spouse, sharing the workload, and giving each other time to explore our individual interests but taking time to engage in activities together. Luckily for me, I already have this; I would like to keep it central to my life.
  2. I have happy, healthy, grateful, respectful kids. I'm not sure if this is in order. I listed these adjectives separately, but three of them came in at numbers 2, 3, and 4, and one came in at #7. However, when bumped up against each other, the order changed, so ... yeah. They're all important adjectives. Thankfully, all of our kids are healthy, now we're just working on happy, grateful, and respectful.
  3. I am actively engaged in preserving my Hawaiian heritage. I've done this off and on for decades. Recently, however, I started taking hula lessons, which has rekindled my interest in Hawaiian culture. My husband and I have now undertaken a project that I'm fully in love with, and I hope to reveal soon.
  4. I live a healthy lifestyle. To me, this means exercising regularly; eating lots of lean meats, whole grains, and vegetables; and taking relaxing, pampering time for myself.
  5. I have the freedom to travel the world in style.This means whenever, wherever. And "in style" means soft sheets, concierge service, and delicious food. I won't lie, I love the luxuries of life!

What are your top five passions? And how can you make small changes for big results?

This post was originally published on lynndaue.wordpress.com. It was lightly edited on January 19, 2016.