The Most Popular Articles of 2016

Thank you for being part of the Audacious Life Community this year!

Interestingly, even though it was published the latest, "How to Live an Audacious Life" garnered the most traffic over the year. That's a positive sign for a business that shifted to the theme of audacity mid-year; it clearly means that there is a deep-seated need for guidance on how to live a truer, more meaningful existence. And I'm MORE than happy to contribute to the conversation there!

If you missed any of these crowd-pleasers, enjoy them now!

(Also, enjoy the journey through the various design changes that I experienced this year. They're fascinating—and a sign that more consistent branding is an upgrade to explore in 2017!)

The 5 Most Popular Articles in 2016


How to Live an Audacious Life

In the most popular article on this website, I list 10 tenets to live by if you want to live your life with courage and determination. The very first?

Figure out what you really want.

Without knowing what you want, you end up waiting for the next thing to come along and hope that it's okay. As one reader stated, "One thing [my husband and I] want to do is stop living a reactionary life. This list is what I needed to start our planning!"

Read it here.

5 Signs You May Need to Surrender | LynnDaue.com

5 Signs You May Need to Surrender

I'm not surprised that this made the list—despite the fact that one of the tenets of an Audacious Life is to stop asking for permission, many people are still seeking permission or validation to do what they want. And in our overscheduled, overstressed, overconnected world, many people want permission to pump the brakes and slow down.

"'Surrender,' in this case, doesn’t mean giving up; it means letting go of constant busyness to allow for better things to come in to our lives."

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"7 Emotions That Can't Be Explained in English" on LynnDaue.com

7 Emotions That Can't Be Explained in English

That this article made the list of most popular is endlessly fascinating to me. I love language and live by the idea that "words mean things," but that there are others out there that feel the same way? Be still, my heart, because I think I found my people. (Welcome!)

"Occasionally, emotions that we can’t identify well up within us, causing us to experience confusion over how to react."

"Thankfully, there are a handful of words from around the world that we English-speakers can adopt to ease our bewilderment."

Read it here.

Why Your Dreams Are Not Coming True, Lynn Daue

Why Your Dreams Aren't Coming True

I'm glad that this one made the list of "most popular with the Audacious Life Community," because it's one of my personal favorites too. Why?

Because it identifies the power of commitment as essential to your eventual success.

We've talked about commitment before, both in articles and in some of the publications in the Audacious Life Library, and it continues to be the essential ingredient in getting exactly what you want and living an Audacious Life.

Read it here.

"Are You Listening? The World is Trying to Tell You Something," LynnDaue.com

Are You Listening? The World is Trying to Tell You Something.

In the final entry in 2016's most popular articles, we focus on listening to the chatter around you to help guide you towards what you should be doing with your time and your life.

Now, this isn't to say that you should only take the advice of others and ignore what you want. Instead, it's about using the random feedback that you get from the people around you to help narrow down or isolate something that you already love to do.

"Taking note of the bits and pieces of information that people offer gives you a 'secret microscope' into what they think about you. Talents or skills that may have escaped your notice—usually because they come so naturally to you—are suddenly highlighted."

Read it here.

Again, thank you for reading and contributing over the last year! I look forward to another wonderful year in the Audacious Life Community and at LynnDaue.com—and if you have anything that you want to see covered here in 2017, leave a note in the comments section below!