Lack Creates More Lack, Abundance Creates More Abundance

7-things-cover1Ask and ye shall receive, yes?  Last week, I wrote a post on shifting our perspectives from a place of lacking to that of sufficiency. Today, we have a guest post from Rohan Healy, blogger at The 7 Things, that answers the question beautifully. He's gifted us with an excerpt from his newly-released The 7 Things That Made Me Genuinely & Irreversibly Happy: And How They Can Do the Same for You on abundance consciousness, as well as a couple of goodies at the end of the post. Enter Rohan

"I figured that if I said it enough, I would convince the world that I really was the greatest.” - Muhammad Ali

Whatever we choose to focus on in our life is magnified and multiplied. Just like when you are thinking of buying a new item, it seems that they are everywhere. Say you want to buy a new pair of Nike shoes, suddenly you notice everyone wearing Nikes. And even though the number of people wearing this brand of shoes has not changed, your focus on that brand gives you the impression that there are many, many more than there were before! Or when you are looking to rent a new house or apartment, suddenly you notice all the places available to rent. They were always there, and yet they only became visible when your focus was on them.

Similarly when you tend to focus your attention on all the things that you perceive that you lack in your life, then they become magnified. So if you are single and want a partner, or your finances are less than ideal, perhaps you are in debt, or you are dissatisfied with your job, maybe you are in a relationship that you want to get out of, or you want a new phone, car, TV and so on. If you dwell and ruminate on the things that you lack, they become a much bigger part of your overall experience.

At any given time every single one of us has something that we perceive that we are lacking. And yet at any given time every single one of us also has things that are already abundant in our lives, things that are already doing quite well! We are presented with a choice here, to either focus on and thereby magnify and multiply the things we lack, of focus on and thereby magnify and multiply the things that are already abundant in our lives.

For example I live in Dublin, Ireland and I’m writing this in December. Anyone who has lived here or visited knows that Ireland is not renowned for its good weather. There are many things I like about Dublin but the grey, windy, drizzly weather is not one. It would be lovely to be in the sunny warmth of the South of France, or South East Asia, or some of the places I’ve lived in Australia, but the fact remains that I am in Dublin. The bad weather, though, presents me with a choice. I could focus on the miserable weather and become miserable myself, or I could place my attention on the myriad of positive and abundant aspects of my life. The support of my friends and family, my freedom from the 9 to 5 grind and my ability to work on my music, production and writing. I am thankful for the abundance of good literature, music, films and documentaries in the world and I’m thankful for my daily walks that clear my head and keep me fit.

Take a look at your own life and find the things that you can be grateful for, the things that are already working well, the things that come easy to you, your talents and skills, your positive relationships and, if applicable, the weather. If you live near natural beauty, warm weather, beaches, forests and such don’t forget to give a little nod of gratitude and appreciation to the natural abundance that surrounds you. Shift your focus and attention away from your perceived problems, the things you want and the things you think you lack, and move it toward the things that you own, the things you already possess, the relationships, the geography, the items, your skills and talents. And always remember this great quote from Socrates:

"He is rich who is content with the least; for contentment is the wealth of nature.” - Socrates

SocratesContentmentContentment is the wealth of nature, and at the heart of contentment is happiness. Not only does contentment feel a whole lot better than harbouring a consciousness of not-enough-ness, but the contentment vibe brings abundance into your life as like attracts like. So when working on creating an abundance vibe toward something you want more of, be sure to stay focussed on that feeling of having more than enough, and look to the things in your life that you already have enough of. And do not dwell on the things you lack, as that will only magnify and increase them!

The fact is that everyone has a degree of abundance working in their lives at any given time, the problem is that for the most part we take it for granted and so it is invisible to us. For example, I’ve always had an abundance when it comes to the output of creative works. Whether you like my stuff or not the fact remains that I have no problem releasing a solo album every year, plus putting out blogs, books, and poems and collaborating with other writers and musicians. All together I’ve been involved in the recording of somewhere around 300 songs, and have written around 200 originals. For me this was normal, I didn’t even see it as abundance as it was just something I took for granted. I knew that there was an infinite source of creative inspiration and that I would never be stuck for an idea when it comes to lyrics, music or prose. I had, and still have, an abundance mind-set and vibe when it comes to producing creative works.

It never occurred to me, until I started producing music for other artists, that for some people this was not the case. I had clients who would struggle for a week just writing one song, and would have long periods of creative drought. And then I had other clients who were similar to me, between recording sessions they will have written another 5 songs! I began to feel grateful for my ability to so freely and easily put out creative works. And so when it came to spreading the abundance consciousness to other aspects of my life, money, relationships, career and so on, I had a template to work with. It’s just a matter of taking the way you approach the things that come easily to you, and applying that same attitude, that same vibe to the things you find hard, and want to increase in your life. Once I was a guy who knew that I had infinite creative possibility and so I created easily and freely, but believed that there was not enough love or affection for me in the world. Now I know that there is infinite love and affection, more than I could ever need, and now my reality reflects that. I experience love and affection just as freely and easily as I’ve always been able to create!

So when you are looking to create an abundance vibe toward a specific aspect, let’s say money, find and focus on something in your life that is already working in abundance. Find the thing that just comes freely and easily to you, but which others might find hard, or be envious of. It may be tricky to identify your existing abundance because we take it so for granted, but keep looking. Everyone is using abundance vibes in some part of their life, take your time and find it. When you identify some part of your life in which abundance is already the dominant attitude, take time to really study what specific thoughts and beliefs you have toward this thing.

So let’s say we create a character who finds playing sport very easy, let’s have a look at the attitudes and beliefs she holds toward sports. She thinks to herself “Playing sport is easy”, “I’ve never had trouble with physical activities”, “I don’t understand why others find excelling at sport so difficult”, “There will always be more than enough sport for me to enjoy”.

Our sporty person however has always had trouble when it comes to personal finance, she’s deeply in debt and she doesn’t make enough money to cover even her interest payments! What she needs to do is perform a little mind and body exercise. She has to take those exact same sentences but change the word sport to the word money. As she says, or writes down these new sentences, she must feel in her body any long held resistances and allow them to shift and melt away. She must really embody the feeling of abundance toward money. She must take the bodily feeling of assuredness, freedom and ease that she has toward sport and bring that same feeling of abundance to how she feels regarding money. She says to herself:

  • “Making and dealing with money is easy”
  • “I’ve never had trouble with personal finance”
  • “I don’t understand why others find excelling at debt management so difficult”
  • “There will always be more than enough money for me to enjoy”

You see it’s a catch 22, you need money to feel abundance, and you need to feel abundance to make money! Well unfortunately you can’t magic money directly into your pocket, but you can work on creating a feeling of abundance toward money, and watch as that vibe attracts money into your life. Sport is merely a template, this exercise will work no matter what you find easy, or are proficient at. The point is that you already know what abundance feels like, we are all abundant in some area of our life, it’s simply a matter of taking that feeling and moving it to where we are feeling lack. We must replace our feelings of lack with feelings of abundance, only then do we stand a chance at actually enjoying abundance in a material sense. And even if you still didn’t make a single extra cent after creating abundance consciousness toward money, it’s still better that living in stress and fear with a pervading consciousness and vibe of scarcity and poverty. Poverty is a state of mind, for why else could those with so much have the capacity to be so miserable, and those with so little have the capacity to feel totally abundant. And here’s Socrates again just in case you forgot, you can never read this quote too many times:

"He is rich who is content with the least; for contentment is the wealth of nature.” - Socrates

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This post was modified on May 29, 2013.