How to Have Time for Your Audacious Life


Think of something you want to do. Is your first thought "I don't have time"?

Loving butt-kick, hon—that's BS.

When we say that we don't have time, what we really mean is "this isn't my priority right now."

But what if that thing that we want to do is a priority? What if it's something that we desperately want to do but can't figure out how to fit it into our lives around everything else we have going on? What then?

With a few small, simple tweaks, you can make time for that thing you want to do—and for your Audacious Life.

How to Have Time for Everything

I was on a call with some insanely accomplished women the other day—we're talking million-dollar business owners, world-travelers, and Supermoms—and the conversation turned to how to manage it all.

Questions like "How can I spend any time developing my business when I have so much stuff to do?" and "How do I make time to take care of myself when I'm taking care of everyone and everything else?" ruled the dialogue.

This is pretty common among high-powered, talented women. Not only do they have a lot of responsibility, but they're also driven by a desire for greatness. They want to be Great, with a capital G—great partners, great mothers, great bosses and CEOs and business owners.

But it's easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of effort that it takes to be Great. Not only are these women driven by their internal desires, but they're also susceptible to external expectations. And when the internal and external collide, the pressure to do it all feels like it's insurmountable.

So what do you do?

Do First Things First

1. Choose ONE thing that you really, desperately want or need in your life2. Do that thing first thing in the morning

The secret sauce is to put priority on your desires. By the very definition of the word—"something that is more important than other things and that needs to be done or dealt with first"—you can only have one, and that thing must come first in your day.

Gay Hendricks touches on this in The Big Leap, in which he tells the story of a woman named Nancy who wanted to write mystery novels:

In our first and only session, I asked Nancy to describe how she spent her day. She told me that after getting her kids and husband off to work, she straightened up the house and took care of infrastructure stuff like paying bills and making grocery lists. Then she said, "If I've got any energy left, I sit down and write for an hour or two. If not, I take a nap and try to write for an hour or so before the kids start coming home."

I summarized Nancy's priorities, based on how she started her day. "Your family is your highest priority, right?" She agreed. "Your second priority is housework and infrastructure, and your third priority is writing."

"No!" she exclaimed. "Writing is much higher priority than housework and that sort of thing."

Yet, Nancy wasn't putting writing before housework and infrastructure. She was letting it go until she "had time," of which she never really had enough.

The same goes for you: if it's important to you, do it first, when you have the most time, money, and/or energy.

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