How to Gather Your Courage to Leap Into the Unknown

"How to Gather Your Courage to Leap Into the Unknown," Lynn DaueLast week, I asked the members of our community if there was anything with which I could help them. Sure enough, they delivered.

The major theme running through the questions I received was courage. Specifically, how do you gather your courage when you want to make a change but you're terrified of the outcome?

Let's discuss.

How to Gather Your Courage to Make a Big Life Change

We talk about making your dreams come true a lot around here. Hey—you can't have a fabulous life unless you fantasize about it first.

However, actually creating that fabulous life requires action. And action requires a healthy dose of courage. 

The liquid kind aside, getting the guts to make a big transition can be hard. Traveling a totally unfamiliar path can unnerve even the bravest of people.

But you can make it easier.

Finding the fortitude to create your dream life begins with a dream and continues with a series of exercises to build up your brazenness.

1. Surround yourself with support

My number 1, absolutely, positively, most important recommendation is to surround yourself with people who will build you up. These may be family members, friends, or strangers on the Internet; the one quality they must have is that they encourage you to take a chance.

Everyone else? Forget them.

When you're contemplating a big life change, your fear-based Ego will try to hold you back enough. You don't need help feeding that beast!

2. Saturate your mind with success stories

In The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, author Jack Canfield encourages readers to follow the clues of success. In other words, he wants you to find the people who have gone before you and emulate their actions.

As you read their work and study their methods, your mind will become saturated with how they did what you want to do. As Canfield writes

For virtually everything you want to do, there are books and courses on how to do it. Better yet, just a phone call away are people who've already successfully done what you want to do and are available as teachers, facilitators, mentors, advisors, coaches, and consultants.

Find that thing that you want to do and learn everything you can from someone who has already done it. If anything, it's proof that it can be done because it has been done.

3. Replace your negative internal voice

Easier said than done, right?

Maybe. Or maybe not.

There are a range of tools to use when trying to change your belief structure, including meditation, emotional freedom technique (EFT), acupuncture, mudras, and prayer.

My go-tos are EFT and meditation, specifically nighttime meditations. My current favorite is the Self-Confidence Bedtime Guided Meditation by Miracle Meditations.

4. Start small and grow incrementally.

When making a big life change, you don't have to do it all at once. In fact, if you're not at least a little ready, diving head-first into something terrifying and life-altering may backfire.

One of my favorite stories about making an incremental change to a work-for-yourself, do-something-you-love lifestyle comes from Darren Rowse, of Problogger. At the 2013 World Domination Summit, he shared how he became a professional blogger, despite having little technical, marketing, design, or communications knowledge.

In short, he started a blog about digital photography. The intent was to showcase his photos, but he noticed that the post that brought in the most traffic was a review of the digital camera he used. The combination of writing more reviews and monetizing his blog started to bring in a small income, just enough to cover his operating expenses.

Over time, though, it brought in the equivalent income of one day a week, then two, then, eventually, four days' worth of income. That was the tipping point for him: with over half a week's worth of income covered, he and his wife decided they could take a temporary hit for something that was clearly growing.

Incremental change is the key here: start by doing the thing you want to do in your spare time and grow from there.

5. Employ the FIFI Method

At some point, you have to take the leap into the unknown. And it might be scary. And you might not want to do it.

And you know what? F*ck it.

Eventually, it's going to be more uncomfortable to stay in your comfort zone than it is to leap. When you get to that point, take terrified action.

Over to you

For what big change are you trying to gather your courage? Share in the comments below!