Essential Tools for Living an Audacious Life

essential-tools-for-audacious-livingWhen it comes to living an Audacious Life, there are certain things that you must have. These are (mostly) not material items. Rather, these are qualities and intangibles that you must possess if you hope to successfully live your Audacious Life. Without them, your desire to live boldly, courageously, daringly remains a dream.

Do you have what you need to live your Audacious Life?

Audacious Life Essentials: What You Need to Live a Purpose-Driven, Goal-Oriented, Audacious Life

1. A vision

Before you can begin living your Audacious Life, you must have an idea of what that looks like for you. The first principle of Audacious Living is to "identify what you want out of your own life"; it is critical to create a vision before setting off.

Use the Audacious Life Master Plan to create your vision and seven-day action plan.

2. Courage

Living your Audacious Life is not going to be easy. You will run into obstacles along the way, you will be forced to face your own fears and demons, and in many cases, your choices will not make you any friends. Yet, you must do it anyway.

3. Mentors

For everything in life, there are people who have gone before you, and they've left a trail of books, articles, websites, training methods, and lessons. Follow the trails as they apply to your own Audacious Life and extract all the wisdom and knowledge that you can.

4. Allies

As we say in the Reach Out Initiative, you don't have to go it alone. Find people who are traveling the same path and join forces. Encourage each other, build each other up, and support each other when one of you starts flagging.

5. Stamina and perseverance

One of the major obstacles to living your Audacious Life is the feeling of "not there yet." You see people who are further ahead, who are more successful, who are closer to their Audacious Lives, and it feels like you will never get there. And you won't, without stamina and perseverance. Keep going. Your Audacious Life will be there when you're ready.

6. Time and money

Living an Audacious Life takes time and and money. How much time and money differs from person to person, from situation to situation, from goal to goal. How much is enough for you? Enough to accomplish what you want to accomplish in the manner in which you want to accomplish it—no more, and no less.

7. Commitment and faith

Without the commitment to living your Audacious Life, and without the faith that it will happen for you, nothing else matters. All the money, all the time, all the friends and mentors, the big vision—it disappears without deciding, once and for all, that you will take action on your dreams, that you will live up to your own standards, that you will live an Audacious Life.