Audacious Life Allies and Where to Find Them

(c) Warner Bros. Used under the FAIR Use Act of 2007. Who are your Audacious Life Allies?

Buddies, friends, sisters—whatever you want to call them, these are the people who, as you claim and LIVE your Audacious Life, will support you, cheer you on, and become traveling companions on your journey.

Do you have any?

Of course you do—you just may not recognize them yet. Read on for a short list of Audacious Life Allies and where to find them.

Audacious Life Allies: A Field Guide

Audacious Life Allies are the people you meet when you have irrevocably decided to live your Audacious Life. They come in many forms and go by many names; the common uniting factors are that they are supportive, helpful, and in it with you. They often have skill sets or knowledge that you don't—or, if you do, they're not your strong suits. You need these people to complete your journey.

The Foil

The Foil is more or less the exact opposite of you: where you're uptight, they're laid-back. Where you're afraid, they're courageous. Where you're rough, they're smooth. They balance you.

The Brain

The Brain always has a plan, an idea, or a random piece of knowledge to help you along the way. When you're puzzling over a problem, they offer the exact resource you need to get going again.

The Brawn

The Brawn is strong, though not (necessarily) in the physical sense. This is the person you turn to when you need to borrow strength or courage.

The Inspiration

The Inspiration is almost always optimistic and truly, deeply believes that you can do it. They often have a quote or story about someone who has come before you, citing them as an example that it can be done.

Where to Find Audacious Life Allies

Audacious Life Allies can be picked up almost anywhere, but in this day and age, there are a few places where they tend to gather.

Free Facebook groups

On your Audacious Life Journey, you will meet many mentors, and many of those mentors run their own free Facebook groups. The bonus with these groups (aside from being, you know, free) is that the people who join them tend to have similar values as you.

Here are a sampling of my favorites:

Paid group programs

Your mentors, especially if they work in a consulting or coaching capacity, will often have group programs centered around a specific topic. These programs often come with a private forum, often hosted on Facebook, for members to interact with each other. The bonus with these groups is that the members are invested financially, and so they tend to be more active and supportive.

Here are a few that I love (full disclosure: I belong to all of these AND some of these are affiliate links):


Masterminds, or "Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose," can be paid programs vetted by a coordinator, mentor, or leader, or a collection of like-minded friends that helps each other out. In this case, I'm referring to the former: paid programs. [1]

Paid masterminds are a subset of group programs. They are very small, usually limited to no more than 10 people, highly selective, and narrowly focused. They are oftentimes year-long programs, so you have time to get to know the other participants. Within that group, you may click with one or two people. Those people may become your Audacious Life Allies.

Select FIRLs (Friends in Real Life)

Finally, you can find Audacious Life Allies in real life, all around you. They may be in the school pickup line, in your dance class, or any of the other places you frequent.

Notice I didn't say ...

... your spouse, your parents, your siblings, or any other family members. High school friends, college friends, work friends. Neighbors, fellow churchgoers, people in your book club. Etc.

It's not to say that you can't find Audacious Life Allies in any of these places. You absolutely can.

What more often happens, though, is that the people who were in your life before you set out on this journey don't want you to change because it scares them.

They're scared that you've gone crazy.

They're scared that you're going to try to make them change too.

But most of all, they're scared that you're going to change so much that you either a) don't need them anymore or b) won't want to be around them anymore.

The pushback you get from these people has nothing to do with you and everything to do with their own fears and objections. And you must not let them stop you.

Instead, be the beacon for them. Do the work, and tell them about it if they ask. Otherwise, keep it to yourself and let your Audacious Life Journey speak for itself.

And if they decide to join you? You may end up playing the role of Mentor or Brain on their Audacious Life Journey!

Find Your Audacious Life Allies

You know who you're looking for. You know where to find them. Now, take action!

Start by joining the Audacious Life Community on Facebook. This growing community is filled with women who will support you on your Audacious Life Journey, and we're waiting for YOU.


  1. Hill, Napoleon. Think and Grow Rich. New York: Ballantine, 1983.