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(TL;DR: I'm starting an advice column!) Ask Lynn, a virtual advice columnWhen I was younger, I read "Dear Abby" every day. Not only was I fascinated with the drama, I was  also intrigued by how someone could make a living by doling out advice to strangers. I wanted to know: how do you become an advice columnist?

The obvious answer for me was "start with the school paper." Sadly for me—and a wise move by the overseeing faculty—the high school didn't provide print space for students to tell other students what to do. Over time, I put the idea out of my head.

And then blogging became a thing.

This was clearly the answer. Obviously blogging is the platform on which I would stand and preach and advise and guide.

Of course, in the early Noughts, blogging was more of a personal online journaling platform, not the powerhouse of grassroots media that it is today. So instead of doling out advice, I wrote things like, "I ate a hotdog for lunch today," and "I'm so excited about going to England!!!!!!!!!!" All true statements—and not exactly inspiring. (Unless you were just inspired to eat a hotdog. In that case, you're welcome.)

The intervening years saw the development of the field of life coaching, and suddenly, I felt horribly unqualified to dole out any advice. I mean, come on—there's an entire profession centered around guiding people through their lives, and how could I throw myself into the fray.

Suffice to say, the gremlins got me. (You know, those voices that tell you that you're not good enough, not smart enough, and nobody likes you. Also, you're fat and ugly and you smell. Those voices.)

So I never even started. Until now.

I recently had the good fortune to spent a week in France with some of the loveliest, most supportive women I know. Women who are not only full of dreams for themselves, but who also believe in the inspired dreams of others. So when I casually mentioned that I had previously, desperately wanted to be an advice columnist, I got a chorus of "Go for it!" and "I can totally see you doing that!"

I'm going for it.

(I know. It was a lot of backstory to get to the TL;DR.)

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