16 Fabulous Ways to Shake Up Your 2016

file0001564894818My little action-oriented heart goes into overdrive in December. There's gift-guides, roundups, reflections on what's come to pass ... and, my favorite, paving the way forward for the new year.

Last year, I made a totally F-off list of things to do in 2015 with the sole purpose of making sure that I did some fun things during the year.


  • went on monthly dates with my husband
  • took a trip to northern California and southern and central Oregon
  • traipsed around Maryland's Eastern Shore
  • danced both structured and freestyle
  • drank Champagne from the bottle on a Tuesday, just because
  • enjoyed fine chocolate in truffle form from artisan chocolatiers

This list was so much fun that I couldn't possibly not do it again.

16 Unnecessary Things I'm Doing in 2016

1. Continue to go on monthly dates with my husband 2. Go to a Korean spa 3. Try stand-up paddleboarding 4. Stay in a yurt 5. Take at least one spontaneous or unexpected trip 6. Host a mastermind meetup for some positive, sparkling ladies 7. Read a book in a hammock 8. Do a back flip on a big trampoline 9. Go skiing with my family 10. Attend a charity ball 11. Invest in something totally personal 12. Go skating with my kids 13. Do random acts of kindness 14. Have a holiday cocktail party 15. Get some really fabulous pictures taken of myself 16. Take myself on a retreat

Over to you, darlin' ...

How are you going to shake up your 2016?

If you haven't already made a Hit List for the year, I highly encourage you to do so. Use this list for inspiration, check out my list from 2015, or head on over to Tonya Leigh's blog and read "22 Things You Don't Need to Do, But Absolutely Must."

Happy dreaming!