12 Unnecessary Things I'm Doing in 2015

FireworksUnsplash2015 is almost here! I don't know why, but I'm feeling extremely optimistic about the new year.

Maybe it's because the new year always feels like a new start, or maybe I just have a new lease on life, but whatever it is, the idea of 2015 has got me buzzing.

2014 was a pretty spectacular year. I:

  • traveled to Hawai'i with my family and danced in the 51st Merrie Monarch Festival
  • cavorted around Charleston with a friend from England
  • went back to the Midwest to celebrate my darling friend's marriage
  • ate well, drank well, lived well

The outstanding thing about 2014 is that I learned to relax.

There are times when going with the flow works. Sometimes it's better to slow down—or even stop—rather than go, go, go until you break. That doing things for fun are what make life worth living.

So, with that thought in mind, here are 12 things that I'm doing in 2015.

12 Unnecessary Things I'm Doing in 2015, even though they're totally unnecessary and maybe a waste of time and money (except they're not)

1. Going on monthly dates with my husband

2. Taking a trip to northern California and southern and central Oregon

3. Hosting Oysterfest 2015, this time with more than one guest!

4. Having (at least) monthly dinner dates with girlfriends

5. Indulging in a spa weekend

6. Traipsing around Maryland's Eastern Shore

7. Finally trying these fabulous Kahlua marshmallow shots

8. Dancing. Often, both structured and freestyle

9. Drinking Champagne, on a Tuesday, straight from the bottle like the classy lady I am

10. Going to a speakeasy—and dressing like a 1950s hussy to do so!

11. Enjoying fine chocolate, preferably in truffle form from artisan chocolatiers

12. Dabble in life every single day! (Join me here.)

Over to you

How are you spicing up your 2015?

If you already have a list of how you're planning on enjoying life in 2015, leave us a link below!

If you don't already have your list of fun-making, make one. Use this list for inspiration, or visit "22 Things You Don't Need to Do, but Absolutely Must" at TonyaLeigh.com.

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(Note: this post was inspired by "22 Things You Don't Need to Do, but Absolutely Must" at TonyaLeigh.com. It was originally published on TheDilettanteDiaries.com as "12 Things I Don't Need to Do in 2015, But I'm Doing Anyway" and was updated on April 23, 2015.)